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5 Reasons to Leave Siding Installation to the Professionals

Monday, August 27 2018 8:43 AM
Categorized In Siding
One of the best ways to update and improve your home's curb appeal and value is to install fresh new siding. Rather than starting yet another DIY project and discovering it’s too much to handle, or worse, it’s not done correctly, call a professional first thing! An experienced professional can save you both time, money and frustration. ... Read Article

The Top Five Most Frequently Asked Questions About Exterior Siding

Thursday, December 21 2017 8:20 AM
Categorized In Siding
For many of us, the prospect of doing a big home improvement job can be exhausting. Not only does it take a lot of time and preparation, but it also costs money. Siding is a whole new subject to become familiar with and it's not uncommon to have questions and concerns surrounding all aspects of the process. We’re here to help by answering the... Read Article

Benefits of New Siding

Monday, July 18 2016 2:18 PM
Categorized In Siding
Wondering if replacing your home’s siding is worth the investment? Simply put, the answer is yes. This single home improvement project will add beauty and resale value to your home and save you money on energy costs. In addition to all these great benefits, you can expect almost an 81% return on your investment! Increase Curb Appeal New s... Read Article

What Type of Siding Lasts the Longest?

Monday, February 1 2016 9:29 AM
Categorized In Siding
When shopping for new or replacement siding, there are many factors to consider, including style, cost, installation and maintenance. One important aspect to keep in mind is the life expectancy of the various products on the market. After all, cheap siding won’t be so affordable if it has to be replaced in just a few years. Here in the Kansas... Read Article

How to Care for Stucco Siding

Monday, October 26 2015 3:00 PM
Categorized In Siding
Stucco siding is known for its resilience and protection against the elements, lasting as long as 50 years in some cases with very little maintenance required. But when it comes time to do maintenance on stucco, do you know how to care for it while getting the most out of it? Here are some tips on how to maintain your stucco so it can last for as l... Read Article

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