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Five Advantages to Winter Exterior Remodeling Planning

Monday, January 4 2016 11:36 AM

Usually when homeowners think about exterior remodeling projects for their homes, they think about doing them in the spring and summer months when temperatures are warmest and it’s nice to be outside. But what most people don’t realize is that, for a variety of reasons, winter is an excellent time to plan outdoor remodeling projects as well. Here are some reasons you should consider starting your next exterior remodel during the winter months.

Early Planning

Since most exterior projects are scheduled for warmer months, you’ll find that it’s typically easier to start the planning phase in the colder months. During winter months planning exterior remodeling in wintercontractors are typically less busy and have more open time to plan your project. If you wait until the busy season starts to begin planning, it will likely take longer to complete the project and you’ll miss out on enjoying a good part of the warmer months with a new patio, deck, etc.

Price Deals on Materials

Winter is the time to get big savings on your remodeling project materials. You can find clearance or close-out pricing from manufacturers now before prices start to increase in the warmer months. Everything from widows to lumber sees a price hike starting in the spring, so it’s wise to seek out these materials now while the price is the lowest and deals are available.

Permit Approvals

Getting permits for a projects during the peak remodeling season is a process that can be fraught with delays and time wasted on getting approvals because the demand is so high. During winter months, however, government agencies are typically less inundated with requests and it can be easier to obtain your permits while the demand is low. Getting your permits in the winter is a great way to save time and you’ll know the permits are secured so work can begin as soon as the weather permits.

Early Start

If you get your project planning done, materials purchased and permits secured during the winter months, you’ll have everything ready to begin your remodel as soon as possible. If the weather starts getting warmer at the end of February or early March, your remodeling project can begin early and you can start enjoying your outdoor spaces sooner.

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